Snapshot reports are a summary of the new and pending activity that the SVR board has received, reviewed and/or dealt with in the 60 days between board meetings. Every effort has been made for accuracy. Further details and information can be found on the SVR website. 
Please direct any questions or comments to the board via email / contact us.
03/04/2024 Road Committee Meeting Notice
02/28/2024 March Board Meeting Location Changed
02/19/2024 Motorhome Blocking Intersection - Must Be Moved
02/19/2024 Anvil Rock Well Update
02/13/2024 Request for Owner Comments on SOPs Revision
02/08/2024 Board Meeting Cancelled & Anvil Well Update
02/08/2024 Board of Directors Meeting Notice
02/05/2024 Anvil Rock Well Down
01/22/2024 Anvil Well Back Up
01/19/2024 Anvil Well Down
12/14/2023 Road Committee Road Meeting
12/03/2023 Jolly Well Back Up
11/29/2023 Jolly Well Down
11/08/2023 Road Committee Meeting
11/03/2023 November Board Meeting Location Change
10/31/2023 Board Meeting Notice
10/23/2023 Road Committee Meeting
09/20/2023 Anvil Rock Back Up
09/19/2023 Anvil Rock Well Down
09/06/2023 Road Committee Meeting
08/30/2023 Road Committee Meeting
08/21/2023 County-Sponsored Clean Up Event
08/11/2023 Road Committee Meeting & Flag Your Pins
07/17/2023 Open Board Seat-Soliciting Candidates
06/12/2023 Road Committee Meeting Notice
06/01/2023 Easement Violation Enforcement Policy
05/25/2023 Board Meeting Notice & Anvil Rock Well Update
05/23/2023 Road Committee Meeting Notice
05/23/2023 Open Board Seat-Soliciting Candidates
05/22/2023 Anvil Rock Well Down
04/10/2023 Meeting Notice
04/03/2023 Meeting Notice & Road Update
02/16/2023 Road Maintenance Update
01/19/2023 Meeting Notice & Agenda
12/12/2022 Anvil Rock Well Repaired
11/21/2022 Game & Fish Information
11/15/2022 Meeting Notice & Agenda
10/28/2022 Year-End Mailing
10/21/2022 Board Meeting Notice & Agenda
10/17/2022 Road Update
10/11/2022 Road Grading Update
10/04/2022 Well Bluetooth Access Transition A Success!
09/30/2022 Well User eBlast Re: ACTION REQUIRED-Well Access Changes Monday 10/3
09/27/2022 Well User eBlast Re: Access System Goes Live Monday 10/3
09/09/2022 Meeting Notice, Agenda & Draft Bylaws
08/17/2022 Well User eBlast Re: New Access System
08/12/2022 Emergency Monsoon Roads Alert
07/27/2022 Wet Weather and Traveling Reminder
07/22/2022 New Owner Letter
07/21/2022 Fire Restrictions Lifted
07/05/2022 Anvil Rock well damaged and down
06/22/2022 Board position available
06/14/2022 Jolly Well repaired
06/08/2022 Jolly well damaged and down
05/26/2022 NO FIRES OR BURNING County restrictions
04/22/2022 LEGAL UPDATE: bank account garnishment released (Michelson lawsuit)
04/06/2022 REVISED VOTING BALLOT (correction ballot)
04/05/2022 LEGAL UPDATE: Bank account funds garnished (Mickelson lawsuit)