Welcome to SVR 'FAQ'
Sierra Verde Ranch (SVR) is a fantastic place to live if you enjoy primitive, isolated, off grid (for the most part) living. There aren’t too many resources available in the area short of personal perseverance, distant neighbors and some basic services offered around town.  An informative letter was written by your board to fill in a few gaps of knowledge about living here, give you a brief overview of SVR, the Property Owners Association (POA), the POA board, the Double O Ranch and answer a few questions you may not have even thought of yet.
1.      Sierra Verde Ranch
2.      The Double O Cattle Ranch
3.      Gates OPEN/CLOSED
4.      Arizona state trust land
5.      SVR roads and maintenance
6.      Owners can help with roads
7.      NO Off-ROAD travel  
8.      Road and property line easements
9.      POA road maintenance equipment and schedules
10.    Wells
11.   POA board
12.   Important dates
13.   SVR Website
14.   POA management company
15.   Annual assessment fees
16.   POA liability for repairs
17.   No businesses allowed
18.   Trash & other services
19.   Burning & open fires
20.   Be prepared
21.   Building/construction
22.   Addresses/street names
23.   Remember, owners are the POA
FAQ'S (under construction)
more ?'s and answers to come!