CC&R violations...
Your SVR POA Board of Directors does not go looking for violations however, once they have been made aware of the situation, they have no choice but to investigate the alleged violation and take whatever steps necessary to rectify the situations. Nobody wants this to happen. Read the CC&Rs, understand them and if you have questions, ask first, not after a violation occurs and someone files a complaint.   Do you have a question about a specific CC&R or any governing document form, submit your question, we will try to assist you in anyway we can. click here CC&R governing document question form.
The POA does not get involved in legal criminal matters, therefore, if your concern is that the accused owner is committing a crime, above and beyond a simple CC&R violation, please call 9-1-1 or the sheriff’s office and let them handle this issue directly.
CC&Rs (original 03/27/1996)
       CC&R amendment (setbacks 06/21/1996)
Per the Standard Operating Procedures of the SVR Board of Directors, it is preferred that a SVR property owner, with a CC&R grievance with another SVR property owner, attempt to contact the offending owner and rectify the issue / concern in a neighborly fashion without the need to bring official POA, Yavapai county or legal action. Every reasonable effort must be made to resolve the CC&R violation with a neighbor before taking it to the SVRPOA Board of Directors.
If you have done all you can and wish to submit a complaint, fill out this form, SVR CC&R VIOLATION COMPLAINT FORM ..  NOTE: Per Arizona statutes, owners involved in filing the complaint, cannot be anonymous. 
Nothing on this page is intended to provide any legal advice. this is intended to be informational and hopeful in understanding the basics of SVR ownership and documents that pertain to your ownership.  Every owner should seek their own legal advice regarding their particular property or situation.